Our history

Who are we?

We are an Uruguayan company with a recognized international trajectory, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to produce ultra-frozen high-quality breads.

We started our activities in 1995, introducing the concept of ultra-frozen breads in the Uruguayan market, and quickly positioned ourselves as the leader in the category.  Since then, we have constantly invested in new technology, which has allowed us to keep a steady growth over the years.

We currently have automated plants in the USA, Florida (Panamerican Food) and in Mexico, from where we supply to large supermarket chains, as well as to important customers in the hotelier and gastronomic field.

Who are we?

Our philosophy


We are recognized for the passion, professionalism and commitment of our people, generating value for our employees, customers and shareholders.


Our vision is to satisfy the consumer needs by offering high quality par-baked products while delivering excellence in customer service.



Based on respect, honesty, improvement, commitment and product excellence.

What is ultra-freezing? It is a natural conservation technique.

What is ultra-freezing? It is a natural conservation technique.

The ultra-freezing process is a very fast cooling of foods, by submitting them to very low temperatures, of around -30°C to -40°C, to cause the crystallization of the water contained in the cells.

Next, the foods must be preserved at -18°C until their use, reason why it is of extreme importance that all involved in the process maintain the cold chain.

Ultra-freezing, which combines two natural means of preservation, such as the reduction of humidity and cold temperature, does not transform the product, but stabilizes it.  This is especially suitable for bakery products, rich in dry ingredients and low in water. Also, ultra-freezing does not alter the taste of bakery products: the quality must be good from the beginning.

Advantages of ultra-freezing:

•   It is a 100% natural way to preserve food
•   No additives or preservatives
•   Ensures hygiene and safety
•   Practical: products are available on demand

Technology and quality

Pagnifique responds to the ever changing artisan bread market needs with the highest technology of modern machinery. As a result, we have the opportunity to offer products in the same authentic manner as the original European bakers, but using more grandiose and best-in-class equipment to cater to a much larger scale.

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